Current Project

Mobility Solution

Mission: Though technological innovations, improve and increase mobility independence for the visually impaired.

Viable Independence has partnered with FAR Vision as a re-seller of their technology that brings a gateway to the physical world for those who are blind or visually impaired. 

FAR Vision is a life altering service that works through the creation of Smart Cities using the combination:

  • FAR Vision Smartphone App
  • Bluetooth Beacons
  • Computer Systems

Everyone can benefit from the access of the information whether it be directions around a business or restaurant, assists with menu reading, specials and coupons, and much more.

FAR Vision supports and continues development of software solutions and collects payments through their website.

Viable Independence provides customers with information, helps with set-up, and troubleshooting. 

Learn more about FAR Vision at

If you are interested in signing up our business with FAR Vision, let us know on the Contact Us page.